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Executive Board


My name is Tammy Resch and I’m Centralia BPW’s president for the 2020-2020 year.

I would like to share my installation speech, to sum up, my thoughts, feelings, and hopes for the coming year…

If I’ve learned anything during the last several months, it’s perspective.  We all have a tendency to say, “I can’t live without….”.  Turns out I use to put great value on things that given the current circumstances really don’t seem that important to me anymore.  The once constant, the one thing that kept me going, was my family and friends.  That includes my BPW family.

My chosen theme for the year, Growing Together, has a deeper meaning than just a clever flower metaphor.

I want to use this next year to build upon the relationships of our current membership.  We are a smaller group moving forward, but that does not make us any less effective.  I think this is an opportunity to appreciate what we do have, an amazing group of women who return year after year to accomplish great things.

The coming year may present itself with some unique challenges, but I know that anything is possible when we all work together and grow together.

2020-2021 Executive Board

Carrie Perkins-Schnicker, President-Elect
Tischa Daugherty, Recording Secretary
Cary Day, Treasurer
Becca Deomes, Correspondence Secretary
Melodie Ainslie, Parliamentarian 

Board Meeting Host Schedule

June – Executive Committee
July – Education
August – Recording Secretary
September – Membership
October – Bylaws
November – Finance
December – Public Relations
January – Trivia
February – Legislation
March – Scholarships
April – President-Elect
May – Executive Committee